National Junior Shooting Camps

National Junior Shooting Camps, conducted at ranges around the country, provide a high quality training opportunity to junior shooters in rifle, pistol and shotgun disciplines. Top-level coaches in the appropriate discipline provide top-quality training for the athletes.

Intermediate Junior Shooting Camps

The first level of camp is the Intermediate Camp for both rifle and pistol, held during the appropriate phase of the National Rifle and Pistol Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio during the summer months. NRA also conducts junior shooting camps at the advanced level for rifle, pistol and shotgun shooters. A competitive selection process determines attendees to the National Advanced Junior Shooting Camps.

Advanced Junior Shooting Camps

Advanced Junior Shooting Camps, supported by the NRA, are the next step in the nation's shooting camp structure. This camp is a sponsored camp, providing a high-quality training opportunity. Junior shooters apply to attend and if selected will receive top-quality coaching and training. Selection is mainly based on performance but also goals, plans, and demonstrated excellence in competition.

Junior Olympic Shooting Camps

Junior Olympic Shooting Camps, hosted by USA Shooting and supported by the NRA and the Civilian Marksmanship Program, is the pinnacle program in the nation's shooting camp structure. This camp is a sponsored, invitation-only camp, conducted at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, providing the highest-quality training opportunity available anywhere. The very best junior shooters in the country are invited to attend by the USA Shooting National Coach and will receive top-quality coaching and training at a world-class facility. Selection is mainly based on performance at the annual USA Shooting Junior Olympic Championships, but also demonstrated excellence in competition.

Athletes selected to attend this camp will have previously participated in other NRA, CMP, USA Shooting camps, programs, and matches, have positive attitudes and strong motivation. Selected athletes will be notified in late May.

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